Dec. 16th, 2009

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First of all, thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a pleasant birthday. I managed to convince my coworkers (distinguished professors, office staff, and graduate students alike) to dance for me. It was the only way I would let them sing Happy Birthday (I hate when people sing Happy Birthday at me because it makes me so, so uncomfortable). The department chair gave me three different bars of fancy dark chocolate and my officemates bought me a cake, which was so, so tasty. I got a hugs and well wishes and random text messages throughout the day and then I went home last night to finish my final. IT IS SO EXCITING BEING 32 LET ME TELL YOU. Hopefully tonight we will have a proper birthday celebration at the movie theatre seeing DMB in 3D. We have to go tonight because we have company coming tomorrow night and we won't be able to go and tomorrow is the last day it's showing.

MOVING ON. I'm working on a more elaborate end-of-the-year post in my head, but here are some memes I took from the beautiful, darling [personal profile] mcollinknight.

Idek where this year went tbh )


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