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I just Googled "Kundalini yoga makes me cranky". I was hoping to find some internets haven where I could just bitch and moan until I was blue in the face. Unfortunately for you, I didn't find anything, which means I will be doing that HERE.

Okay, so it doesn't always make me cranky. When I have been awake for a bit and know I don't have to do anything else afterward, I find Kundalini yoga quite enjoyable. But at 6am, I just want to punch everyone in the vagina. I am generally okay until Frog. Frog makes my knees ache the entire day and after we finish with Frog, we do other things that make me cranky, like that thing where you raise your head and feet. What. I cannot do that at 6am. Tuck pose isn't bad, but mostly because it's called TUCK POSE and this is the Tuck I know:

Obvs Tuck is the elephant.

I just concentrate on MY Tuck and it makes the pose a little more bearable. And then there is that point where you get to relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. On your back. Mmmmmmm it's almost like getting ready to sleep! Except then you get up and chant. Which is fine. After that, I have to get up and get ready for work. I don't like that part. My body feels limp and weak and unhappy and I traipse to work where I spend a few hours staring blankly at the monitor or my desk or the hallway wishing I could just get some sleep.

[personal profile] cryfreedom is trying this experiment with me and I'm willing to stick it out for a week. Or attempt to. This experiment also includes the evening portion of the DVD we have and I was asleep before 11pm last night. UNHEARD OF. I'm not too fond of the exhaustion and lack of GOOD I'm getting from the routine that usually makes me feel all zen and awesome. I don't feel awesome. I feel kind of dead.

One thing I am noticing is that I am like OM NOM NOM GIVE ME FOOD NOW. [personal profile] cryfreedom packed me food yesterday and today. By this time yesterday, I had burned through almonds, oatmeal, and a yogurt. I had no trouble finishing my lunch: two biscuits, 1 apple, 3 Milano cookies. So far today I've had oatmeal, chips, and an apple. Yogurt, a sandwich, and some cookies await me for lunch. IN AN HOUR AND A HALF. Do you have any idea how starving I am? I'm tempted to eat it NOW but what will I eat LATER?

But if I ate it now, I could take a nap at lunch.



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