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Boss: I'm going to talk to Big Boss and tell him we're going to where whatever we want this summer unless someone special comes, and then we'll dress up.
Me: Awesome!
Boss: I mean, like no booty shorts.
Me: DAMMIT. *slaps desk* I just bought like, 20 pairs last night!

So I found out this afternoon that I will likely be required to list my weight when I re-enroll for my health benefits or some time afterward, once they figure out how they want to enact the legislation this state passed a bit ago. Being above a certain weight is one of the two causes of the most preventable deaths (the other being smoking). I will refuse to list my weight, not out of shame or embarrassment, but out of IT WILL NOT HELP IF YOU RAISE MY RATES. I'm too tired to get into the whys and hows and all that shit, but I had a conversation with [personal profile] cryfreedom a bit ago about weight and BMI.

In order to get down to the borderline of normal and overweight, I would have to get down to 155 pounds. Some of you know me IRL and some of you just know me through pictures but I can assure you that in order for me to get to that weight, I'd have to lose some serious pounds. Hell yes I am fat, but that much weight? FROM WHENCE SHALL IT COME??? [personal profile] cryfreedom says my head. IT ONLY WEIGHS 7 POUNDS, BUCKO. And what would I have to do to get there? Spend every spare second I'm not at work or sleeping doing cardio? Well, all right, but I already don't get enough sleep and I don't consume enough in a day when I'm NOT killing myself with cardio. I cannot fathom how it would be possible for me to get to that weight. Not because I'm lazy. Not because I don't want to do the work. But because MY BODY ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WEIGHT.

By listing my weight, I will be penalized despite how my blood pressure, cholesterol, and joints measure up. However, a thin person with high blood pressure or high cholesterol or whatever crazy illnesses you only get if you're fat won't be penalized. All because "they" want me to LIIIIIIVE. So I don't drop dead of a heart attack from being fat. Because everyone knows that perfectly healthy not fat people never die from heart attacks.

And now that the taste of my beautiful macaroni and cheese has been RUINED BY THIS BULLSHIT, I'm going to sign off.

I finished my final today!

Here are two bits on the legislation. I was kind of excited when I read in the announcement I received yesterday that there were going to be "wellness" initiatives. I thought I could get reduced prices for yoga classes or discounts or something that would, idk, help with my WELLNESS. Then I learned that they just want to decrease my benefits for being fat. Because that'll help. Especially in a state where a lot of people live around the poverty line and already can't afford to see a doctor, even with insurance, let alone spend their entire grocery budget in one trip buying non-processed, all-natural foods and produce. Right.


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