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So basically today is a day of SUCK. Just absolute SUCK. Which follows a week of absolute SUCK. Which makes me unbearably GRUMPY.

First of all, our DDR mat, which we've had all of 2 months, completely died last week after being hit or miss since a week or two after we bought it. A new one is on its way. THEN we bought a new betta Saturday night and named her Carolina because she was Carolina blue. She was wee and precious and had stripes! I was looking forward to getting to know her and finding out what kind of personality she had (though it'll be hard to beat our first betta, Paul Anka, who was very protective of his mamas and stared Pascal Anderson Cooper Nichols IV [our second betta] to death from one bowl over). We woke up Sunday morning and she was alive but not well. But then she ended up fucking DYING A LITTLE BIT LATER ANYWAY. Wrap it all up with today, wherein we discover that the storm that occurred while we were out on Saturday knocked out the power and fried our Wii. WHICH IS TWO MONTHS OLD.


In the past week or so, my air conditioner in my car has been going PWWSSSSHHHHHHH and barely blowing out cold air, which according to my smarty smart pops is probably just the compressor trying to make up for the pressure that's building up since all the freon is gone, which is supposedly available to purchase for less than $10 at Wal-Mart. This is a change from my childhood, when you sold that shit black market for like $200. So that is a frustration that I hope will be soon remedied because I do NOT have the money to deal with that right now and y'all, summer in North Carolina without an air conditioner in a black car is like death.

[personal profile] cryfreedom and I would appreciate your positive thoughts, prayers, or vibes -- whatever it is you do -- because we've got some other stuff going on too.

ONTO BRIGHTER THINGS. Saturday morning we were awoken by our lovely downstairs neighbors and their goddamn tuba music, so we decided to turn the negative into a positive and did like 2 hours of yoga, stretching, and belly dance. It was epic. And I'm sure anyone walking by our place was like wtf are they doing chanting in there. Because we were chanting. If I had time every morning, I would do that AM yoga thing EVERY DAY. And the stretching. And the belly dance. But I am not going to wake up at 4:30 just to do that. Fuck no.

After, we ate and showered and went to the mall to just walk around and look at pretty things. It was so much FUN. I love my BFF so very much. Eventually, our dogs were begging for a rest, so we stopped at the food court and ate Five Guys while we waited for it to stop raining so we could peruse the outdoor part of the mall. But then our feet hurt too badly, so we just walked back to the car and went to a) Michael's so I could pee, b) Lane Bryant so I could get really angry at how expensive all their stupid clothes are now, and c) PetCo to buy our now-dead fish.

Yesterday I was emo and didn't want to move, let alone leave the house, so I didn't. We watched movies for our newly instated movie night: Happy-Go-Lucky (good), Miss Potter (very good), and Last Chance Harvey (very good).

Now it's my lunch time. Ciao.


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