Jun. 15th, 2009

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So far today I have:

Spilled oatmeal all over my desk.

Okay, so that's it on my list. But let me tell you, it was cooked oatmeal. Not dry oatmeal. And I like my oatmeal more on the soupy side than the lumpy side, so just imagine that mess for a moment, won't you? I cleaned it up and thank goddess it didn't get on anything important. It happened between the cuff of my cardigan (YES, I AM LUPIN. STFU.) was snagged by the hook of the hanging file, on top of which sat my bowl of oatmeal. I did, however, avoid dumping the entire thing on the floor, which just would've destroyed any good possibilities I had for the day.

Here we are at Monday again. Like I told C this morning, "It seems like it was just Monday LAST WEEK." And it's true. THINK ABOUT IT.

This weekend I was supposed to listen to voice posts and comment on voice posts and make a voice post of my very own. That didn't happen? Saturday morning threw my entire weekend off. I was kind of nonplussed Friday night. I just wanted Saturday morning to be over with so I could get to the "recovering from Saturday morning" part. I was up later than I should've been Friday night and then I woke up at 6am, my body all shot full of nervous energy. The Scary Thing was over and done by 9:30 and I looked forward to getting a nap in. But then there was the nervous energy again, accompanied by unbelievable irritability and tension. I dozed for a bit but didn't feel rested. Instead, I felt...off. Just knocked off balance. I got up and played the Sims for awhile.

The bright spot of Saturday was going to the Apple Store and playing Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhones. Because as soon as I get my new toy, I'm buying the DMB Tap Tap Revenge. THE GAME IS SO FUN. The rest of the bright spot was dinner (I was starving) and ice cream (Coldstone), all courtesy of [personal profile] cryfreedom, who is the best best friend ever.

Obviously, we watched Zapatista documentaries Friday and Saturday night (obvious if you've read my LJ, that is, as I'm x-posting this from DW). Last night we watched QuinceaƱera and Eulogy (both good).

This is a boring post. I apologize.


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